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About Moonlight Pottery

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Most of us get a taste of pottery in high school.  Sitting in front of a fast spinning wheel, a lump of clay wobbling in your hands.  After awhile, the cool clay turns and spins and grows into a bowl, or a cup, or a vessel to hold tiny treasures.  This is where it all began.


Through the years, clays and glazes stained my clothes, dried in the wrinkles of my hands, and gave me a sense of peace and calm.  Ceramics was a momentary escape from raising children, laundy, cleaning, PTA, and the day-to-day duties that propel us through life.  Creating, painting, glazing, firing over and over again is a gratifying process. 





Fast forward, the kids are grown, the laundry has diminished, and time seems to go by faster.  Choosing to go back to the cool clay and steel wheel head makes sense at this point in my life.  It feeds my well-being, a serenity, a sense of purpose. 


It is this satisfaction that propels my creativity to continue on this journey.  I am thankful for the many in my life who have encouraged and supported, but especially to the one person for whom without, none of this would have ever become.

Lynn Topp
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